XPO Logistics

Providing Standby Power for XPO Distribution Centre, Manchester. A facility of 250,000sq ft ensuring security of power supply.

In today’s economy the importance of logistics cannot be overstated. At the heart of any logistics company is its ability to manage the storage and movement of goods. XPO Logistics, one of the largest logistic and transport companies in the world recognised this and requested ESE to provide them with a standby power system tailored for their distribution centre in Manchester.
Being fully aware of the logistics industry specific needs for power ESE compiled a Project Plan and Project Schedule that was presented and agreed with XPO on how to install the appropriate standby power equipment with minimal down-time to the distribution centre. We delivered this in a cost effective and timely manner avoiding unnecessary downtime.

XPO, Trafford Park, Manchester

Logistics and Warehousing

To provide back up power

One containerised 500kVA generator installed and commissioned on site.

Project Solution:
To provide full Turnkey project management, ensuring minimal downtime on site whilst coordinating the installation and commissioning of a standby generator.

The client expressed a wish for second hand generating equipment rather than new as it was viewed that the comparative minimal time the equipment will be required to operate did not justify the expense of a new machine. ESE were tasked with sourcing and evaluating a suitable generator for the specific purposes. Once sourced and inspected, the client was then invited to witness test the thorough testing carried out at the suppliers premises.

Installation and Commissioning:
The generator was required to be positioned at site at a location that did not allow the large 100 tonne crane direct access. This meant that the crane had to span a distance of over 50m to lower the 10 tonne generator into position. The existing switchboard was modified to include an integral change-over panel that automatically switches power from the mains to the generator in the event of a mains failure.

The commissioning of the system showed that power is restored to the building within 10 seconds of any power outage occurring.

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